In a bid to fulfill our obligations towards providing an enabling environment for a mutually rewarding relationship, we follow a due process of having to ensure:

  • Signing a contractual agreement following a prior discussion of the clients’ request and expectation.
  • Provision of a Personnel Handbook by S LLOYD that sets out the company’s rules and regulations as well as conditions of employment for our staff.
  • Having an S Lloyd liaison officer on ground to attend to staff related matters and to liaise with the clients as the need arises.
  • Regular supervision by S LLOYD to monitor the performance and adjustment of our employees in their various locations.
  • Liaise with the client to administer carefully designed appraisal forms to employees annually.
  • Identification of training needs and organization of seminars for our employees at a modest extra cost.
  • Regular communication between client and S LLOYD to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Supply of uniforms on request at cost to client.
  • Payment of seconded staff salaries and allowances, including service charge, on or before the 28th of every month.
  • Service Charge is presently fixed as stated below:

1. Less than 100 staff = 15% of agreed staff gross remuneration.
2. 100 staff upwards = 10% of agreed staff gross remuneration.

Remuneration issues are treated with transparency. It is clear to the user and the supplier, how much seconded employees earn and what goes to S LLOYD (supplier) as service charge.

  • Institution and payment for Employee Compensation and Group Life Insurance Policy for all employees
  • Documentation of employees for Pension in line with the Pension Act
  • Administration of Healthcare Management Scheme with nationwide spread for all employees