S Lloyd Limited is a human resource outfit that primarily focuses on recruiting and training personnel for organizations on contract, relief and one off basis.

Our understanding that the human resource is the most valuable, sensitive and expensive resource, as it manipulates all other resources in any given organization informed the establishment of the company in 2002 and has since enjoyed a steady growth to become what it is today.

Thus, we are positioned to relieve our client organizations of recruitment, training and management tasks associated with staff at the middle and lower levels so that organizations can invariably focus on their varied core businesses.

S Lloyd with its headquarters in Lagos, has grown with impressive portfolio with offices in Abuja, Calabar, Ibadan, Kaduna, Benin and Ghana. Our management policies are aimed at providing every employee with a working environment that is conducive for high performance and growth.

This proposal sets to document our understanding of your requirement and outline our preferred approach to its execution.
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